My name’s Brandon. I do a few things: write and produce music, manage products, write prose, and tinker with tech. I also obsess over caffeine and process. I was born in Connecticut, USA and now I live in Berlin, Germany.

Current projects

Music releases
I’ve released 4 albums of music (Kid Lightbulb under the alias Taken By Name, Liars, Bedtime Rituals and You Know I) and a short collection of piano music (Post-Midnight). I’ve also composed weirder stuff, like minimalist piece showcasing the electric bass guitar, and an electroacoustic piece comprised entirely of sounds from doors and voice.

Previous/defunct projects

A time- and engagement-based social sharing app aiming to help rapidly spread important ideas. Directed product strategy and rollout of for iOS and web. Launched July 2015, removed shortly thereafter 🙁

A location-based music discovery app. Advised on UX and product strategy.

More clout

As a musician, Brandon began playing classical piano at the age of 4, which naturally led to a curiosity for sound and the vastly different ways it can be made. Teaching himself several instruments along the way, he began experimenting with composition in his teenage years, playing in bands with friends (including Bushwhack, a previous incarnation of cine-metal act Earthside) and exploring his own ideas through recorded sounds and lo-fi MIDI-based instrumentation. He has collaborated with a diverse set of musicians including Earthside, t. agency, DJs The WIG & Panooc, Mary Esther Carter, among others.

Brandon completed his BS in Music Technology at Northeastern University in 2010. He currently works as a senior product manager for Wayfair’s European business, immersed in the Berlin tech community. He also maintains deep ties to Boston and New York while writing about creativity in his work, and continuing to make music and art.

Here’s Brandon’s complete resume.

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