Brandon Lucas Green is a composer and producer of music, who also builds products for a living and writes in the rare moment of free time. He was born in New England and currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Brandon began playing classical piano at the age of 4, which naturally led to a curiosity for sound and the vastly different ways it can be made. Teaching himself several instruments along the way, he began experimenting with composition in his teenage years, playing in bands with friends (including Bushwhack, a previous incarnation of cine-metal act Earthside) and exploring his own ideas through recorded sounds and lo-fi MIDI-based istrumentation.

Brandon completed his BS in Music Technology at Northeastern University in 2010. He currently works as a product manager in the Berlin tech community, maintaining deep ties to Boston and New York while writing about creativity in his work and continuing to make music and art.


  • Directed product strategy and rollout of Radiary for iOS and web, launched July 2015
  • Advised on UX and product strategy for AudioDrops, which will be debuting in the App Store in 2016
  • Managed & built products for CustomMade, including its first payments platform, from 2012-2015
  • Managed artist products and QA efforts at Sonicbids, from 2010 to 2012


  • Writing and releasing music
  • Trying to find time to play piano and/or bass guitar
  • Listening to comedy podcasts
  • Drinking pour-over coffee and/or espresso

Here’s Brandon’s complete resume.

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