In Defense of Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

Music that challenged me in 2015, part one I haven’t written a “favorite albums” list in a few years, mostly because I r

Apple Music Connect, the experiment

Federico Viticci of MacStories wrote this yesterday and it got me thinking about Apple Music Connect, which I’ve started to

The problem of task managers

Wunderlist, Trello, Todoist, OmniFocus. 2do. Things. I have to imagine that most smartphone users haven’t even heard of thes

Share that you’re still learning (because everyone else is, too)

The Internet is amazing, and Twitter is amazing. I know someone just wrote a post about how Twitter is dying, but the communit

Morning #coffee / morning #view

Morning #coffee / morning #view

It’s not obsessive-compulsive

Every day when I get home from work, I walk in the door, kiss my girlfriend Alicia and start organizing things. If it’s

Many voices, but only me in the room

There’s an interview with Annie Clark and David Byrne in which they describe their working relationship for Love This Giant:

NYC, then back (for good)

I maintain a theory that the happiest people in New York City are bartenders. They are decently paid, have flexible hours, can

Misanthropy in product management

When I started product managing, I quickly came across and fell in love with the Cranky Product Manager blog. It was everythin

I approve, @mosessumney. Beautiful venue, amazing talent. #live #music #Brooklyn

I approve, @mosessumney. Beautiful venue, amazing talent. #live #music #Brooklyn

More from red rock. #nature #vegas #landscape #clouds #tbt

More from red rock. #nature #vegas #landscape #clouds #tbt

A punk is someone who knows how to ask the world uncomfortable questions and does everything possible to make sure the world c



Sophomores – “head on my heart” (NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Submission) BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: my project Soph

At what point did humans say “I am born with the right to free music”? I am deeply saddened by the notion that pri

No Fixed Address (Nickelback album) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

No Fixed Address (Nickelback album) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Is Nickelback seriously still making music? Is it

My debut album as SOPHOMORES is now available in full to listen on SoundCloud. Big thanks to all those who helped whittle this

i approve of brooklyn/queens

it’s cool here, man.

beautiful rendition of an immensely powerful song. Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts (ani petite Cover) (Source: https://www.y

passive resistor

This song, 2:52 to end. I don’t think I’ve heard a rock vocalist sing with this much anger in the last 10 years. Not even