I should post more.

So the marathon tragedy thing happened. I don’t usually get emotional about things like this but having it happen so close and with so much uncertainty was especially unsettling this time. (Relying on Twitter and local news for updates clearly didn’t help, either.) I can’t anything more emotionally valid or witty or powerful than what’s already been said, so I won’t bother.

I spent Monday evening working on an arrangement of a song that a friend of mine wrote over a year ago which seemed oddly appropriate for the day – given the unexpectedness of everything. I’m still not sure whether or not I’d release it as a sphmrs track or something, but once finished I was really happy with the end result: imperfect, but naturally complete and capturing the feelings of the moment.

this is one hell of a place
set up to let the bomb drop
killer in a bed of lace
little taste of the power then you don’t stop

eating from the deepest sea blissfully
tell your friends that they should try it
while his only energy comes to be
from a saltwater diet

getting all your nutrients from innocence
tell me, does she fill your hunger?
oh my god, in his defense at present tense
i’m not healthier or stronger

i don’t wanna suffer

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