sometimes, late at night, i loop recordings

This is a recording I just finished that may very well be a track on a future taken by name record. I played two great piano chords, reversed them, and came up with two more for the second half. Then I got this sweet guitar fuzz tone that reminded me of Ratatat. Then I sang some pretty paranoid lyrics I had written into an SM58 while wrapped in a blanket. (It’s cold.)
I like the sound of things when they get looped, especially when other things are looped against them. By extension, I admire the hell out of Steve Reich. This recording in particular is cool because of how the vocals work against each other because of the poor quality of recording. It’s difficult to focus on just one lyric.

Note the inclusion of a digitized speech by this guy┬áduring the first half (he’s actually pretty interesting and totally crazy).

I called it “off the rocker.”