brandon lucas green

music maker / writer / product builder / caffeine addict.


No band or alias - this is my debut album as me. Support me directly by buying it on Bandcamp, or stream it anywhere you listen to music.

More about me

People on LinkedIn know me as a product guy. I’ve worked as a product manager and leader for 11+ years in several startups and a few big pre-IPO and public tech companies, mostly around Boston, USA. I pride myself on having tackled highly complex problems in a variety of industries and focus areas, including consumer & enterprise SaaS, food & furniture delivery, immersive 3D experiences, and the music business. I’m a massive proponent of the Jobs-to-be-Done framework, asking a ton of questions, and async/remote work, as well as a passion for improving how teams work together.I'm currently employed by Buffer, a social marketing startup, as a Staff Product Manager focused on growth and consumer-level user experience.


I’m an out-of-practice classically-trained pianist who now writes and produces music. You can listen to some of it on my Bandcamp site.I won a few awards for piano performance as a kid. During my teens, I taught myself bass, guitar, trombone, tuba, and now I dabble with software. While in music school at Northeastern University, I composed modern avant-garde music, including a Theme & Variations piece for solo 5-string bass and live electronics. I’ve played in an instrumental prog metal group (now known as Earthside, in a Talking Heads tribute band, and alongside noted singer-songwriters and DJs.Here are some works I'm proud of (all available online to listen):Variations on a Lonely Theme for 5-string electric bass & live electronics (2010)Music behind closed doors for tape (2010)traffic circle, Jamaica Spain for piano and tape (2009)Post-midnight for solo piano (2008)


I aspire to write a lot, but I only get an opportunity to every so often. Most of what I’ve written is available somewhere.Some of my best writing (in my opinion) is:
- On “pop writing”
- On Prince’s “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”
- Where we’re going, there are a million roads
- A bunch of crap duct-taped together
I have a few long-form writing ideas, including a speculative fiction novel and a playbook around remote product management. Maybe I’ll get around to those eventually 😬

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