brandon lucas green

I’m a product manager & strategist, music producer/composer/snob, occasional writer, husband, tinkerer, caffeine addict, and new homeowner. I live and work in rural central Massachusetts.


I fell into product management by accident. I have a BS in Music Technology from Northeastern University, and in an effort to make money, I landed a gig at a music startup doing customer support, which eventually evolved into a product role. It took me a while, but now I love understanding the very human psychology behind people’s problems, and building products to solve them.

I’m currently working for Abstract, and am available to help out with:
Product strategyProduct prioritization & noise reductionProduct discoveryUser researchProcess improvement for agile teams
I also write and record music. I’ve released 4 albums of mostly alternative pop music (Kid Lightbulb, Bedtime Rituals, You Know I and Sleepwalker) and a short collection of piano music (Post-Midnight).

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