Goals vs. systems

Goals vs. systems Link — from Scott Adams’ blog

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Systems I have and are working:

  • Reminders as a quick capture AND process of getting things done. Talking to Siri is invaluable, even on my watch, even when it’s not 100% reliable – it’s good enough in the vast majority of cases. Reminders as an app interface is, again, good enough for deciding what’s important and what I need to do now vs. later, AND because the capture method is so good, it makes it naturally a good to-do list manager itself.

Systems under evaluation:

  • Idea capture via Zettelkasten. The concept appears to be working, but I need to figure out whether it’s working because it’s an excuse to tinker with something new, or I actually am capturing ideas. Keep tabs on this.
  • Meta: Tinkering vs. system/habit forming
  • Exercise - the Apple Watch activity rings tell me I’m getting exercise from dog walks/playing, but is it enough? Should I be doing other things, like stretching or core/arm strength? How do I systemetize those things? Does Fitness+ help?

Does anything else need a system?

  • Family / marriage time: This seems to be working organically, not sure if it needs a system. That is: I seem to be doing good in my relationship with Alicia, talking with parents frequently, closer with sister, etc.