Loneliness in pandemic

I often wonder how happy (or depressed) I’d be if I was alone in this house. (Of course, if I was not married, I’d probably have no reason to buy a house in rural Massachusetts and my life would look quite different). Having a spouse and dog I love, plus a child on the way, are truly the elements that made our version of location agnostic living an enjoyable way to live.

I wonder how the ideas of companionship and roommates will shift as the developed world shifts. Not to say that I believe nobody should live alone — I wanted this for myself for a long time — but I wonder about the mental well-being of those living alone while respecting the seriousness of the pandemic. ::In TV and movies, there’s often the trope of the hacker personality living alone, endlessly staring at a computer screen or the lenses of a VR headset, as a means of coping with loneliness or social anxiety. One of my favorite shows of all time, Mr. Robot, centers around one of these characters.