I am a straight white man.

I was never one to buy into the arrogance/machismo/ego that seems to be stereotypically evident in straight white American men, but the perpetuation of that stereotype seems to have left me with a bit of impostor syndrome. Watching all these people be either really successful, in good (Jobs, Zuck, lots of people I know and/or have worked for, etc.) or bad (Martin Skhreli, Trump, guy who founded 8chan, again Zuck, etc.) ways, leaves me wondering whether there’s no more room for successful straight white people, and why do I deserve to be within that ilk.

It’s often felt like I don’t have anything to add when publishing my own ideas because of the ideas published are those by white men. What’s the point of adding my own noise when there’s so many people whose voices have never been heard before? What’s unique about my voice?

It feels privileged as hell to have the following things, and I need to remind myself that I’m grateful to even have them at all in my life.

  • location agnosticism
  • property ownership
  • space
  • really just - things I’ve amassed over the years
  • The ability to have goals, or be able to discount them in favor of systems goals vs. systems