Restaurants in 2025

Location agnosticism

So many restaurants have not only shifted toward takeout and delivery to sustain their business, but have even begun selling their recipes & ingredients to customers. And why not? Why scour the internet for a recipe you’ll struggle to get right, or deal with the repetitive mediocrity of services like HelloFresh, when you can choose to get amazing food from your local restaurant of choice or have them enable a fun at-home cooking experience for you and your family? But this only goes so far: you’re location-locked. There is a decent Mexican family-style restaurant in my town, but what if I want a particular dish from this Venezuelan dive I loved in Bushwick? There’s a realistic future in which I could order the ingredients and recipe from that restaurant’s website, powered by Shopify, and have them shipped to my house four hours away. As a customer I don’t care whether they necessarily came from the physical restaurant location, as long as I know exactly how to recreate the amazing shredded beef arepas I so dearly miss to this day. Were they deep-fried? I don’t remember, but if so, I can get a deep fryer from Amazon in a day or two for 60 bucks.