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I’ve worked as a product manager and leader for 10+ years in a variety of startups and a few big pre-IPO and public tech companies, mostly in the Boston area.

How’d I get here? I went to school for music just as piracy, iTunes, and eventually streaming fundamentally turned the music industry upside down. In an attempt to make some money in an industry of unpaid interns, I landed at a music tech startup, where I had the incredible fortune of learning how to help and talk to customers, the basics of web technology, and the dynamics of marketplace. I also was given my first stab as an associate product manager there.

Five years and 2 companies later, I was leading product initiatives in logistics and delivery (of all things) at one of the largest eCommerce companies in the world. I worked in Boston and Berlin, helped build highly performant web APIs and a in-browser 3D room planning product. 5 more years later and I’ve managed a few product teams, brought a few new products to market, created countless strategy docs, and interviewed hundreds of PM candidates. And of course I burned myself out a few times along the way.

My favorite parts of the job have always been

I built a life doing this, and love what I do. I have found success and fulfillment being a PM outside of the highly regarded FAANG companies, and I think tons of folks can too.

My music: Sophomores →

I write and produce music on my own, and release under this alias. I’ve put out five albums so far, and I’m working on a sixth. Here’s my latest one, released in 2019:

My newsletter: tone deaf color blind →

I generally like to write, though I haven’t had much time for it lately. Some of my best writing (in my humble opinion):