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January 2021  4 posts

Location agnosticism
Creativity & LinkedIn
Fits & starts
Out of nowhere

March 2020  4 posts

Zoom is where we hang out now
I made a podcast about product
Clarity is out the disinfected window
Earworms suck

February 2020  4 posts

Found my stuff
So, layoffs are weird
Everyone’s a workaholic
Clarity check-in

January 2020  3 posts

Thoughts on thoughts on iPads
A bunch of crap duct-taped together
Secret weird things I do

December 2019  1 post

The sticks

June 2019  2 posts

Running a dumb robot vacuum with Shortcuts
Impostor snowflake

January 2019  1 post

My new album, Sleepwalker

July 2018  1 post

Gear / Hyperportability

August 2016  1 post

The wonderful future, or my phone is slowly becoming my wallet

May 2016  1 post

On Prince’s “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”

March 2016  1 post

On malaise in tech, or how I learned to find products that embrace true problem-solving

February 2016  2 posts

Product Hunt for abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Peak live music

December 2015  1 post

Earthside reinvigorated prog, and reminded me of my roots

November 2015  1 post

Task managers are tough

October 2015  4 posts

Apple Music Connect, the experiment
I spend a lot of time trying to be more productive in my work
The compulsive process
NYC and back (permanently)

July 2015  1 post

Exploiting the hour commute