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New singles: trendsetters” + the worst days of our lives”

I haven’t posted about it here, but Kid Lightbulbs has two new singles!


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This song has existed in some form since 2012, and is a musing on (to quote LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy) losing one’s edge. Starts as a high tempo industrial folk banger, and gradually devolves in a slow burn to guitar noise…. with a few chants and such.

Mary’s guest vocals came from a session in early 2014 that really brought this song together and allowed for the slow-burn second half to exist.

The worst days of our lives”

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I wrote this back in 2014. This is a synthpop track inspired by Depeche Mode and early 2010s electronic acts using a lot of side-chain compression. It’s also a confession of hitting a bottom of some sorts, and feeling optimistic about the way back up.

Posted on February 5, 2024   #music     #updates  

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