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The sticks

My wife and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary doing a great New England tradition: shoveling snow. A lot of snow.

Being a homeowner in the sticks is a big, weird adjustment. Don’t get me wrong: it’s amazing. Our little neighborhood is so quiet, picturesque and friendly.

But now we have to maintain a big, very expensive thing and the land around it (and/or pay people to help maintain things when I cannot — shoutout to all the great plumbers), and if I neglect to maintain it, things could become very bad. Also, the big, very expensive thing happens to be the place in which we both live, work and sleep, so the stakes are pretty high.

The weirdest part to me is that I’ve enjoyed all the maintenance and projects. Digging into HomeKit and finding new uses for my Raspberry Pi are my new favorite tinkering hobbies, I’m learning a crazy amount about construction and electrical and how things work. What was stressful is now fulfilling.

Here’s to you and our beautiful new home, my love.

Posted on December 5, 2019

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