Composer / producer / product manager / writer / caffeine & process addict.

Current projects

I’ve released 4 albums of music (Kid LightbulbLiars, Bedtime Rituals and You Know I) and a short collection of piano music (Post-Midnight). I’ve also composed weirder stuff, like a 3-part showcasing the bass guitar, and an electroacoustic piece comprised entirely of sounds from doors and voice.

This is where I write short pieces about creative process, product management, imposter syndrome, technology reliance and other things. I’d like to also start up a podcast about these topics someday.

Previous/defunct projects

A time- and engagement-based social sharing app aiming to help rapidly spread important ideas. Directed product strategy and rollout of for iOS and web. Launched July 2015, removed shortly thereafter 🙁

A location-based music discovery app. Advised on UX and product strategy.

More about me

As a musician, I started playing classical piano at the age of 4, which naturally led to my curiosity for sound and the vastly different ways it can be made. I gave up on piano (temporarily) at age 13 and picked up a few different instruments instead, starting with the bass guitar. I also started songwriting around them (including Bushwhack, a previous incarnation of cine-metal act Earthside) and exploring his own ideas through recorded sounds and lo-fi MIDI-based instrumentation. I’ve worked with a diverse set of musicians including Earthside, hip hop producer t. agency, DJs The WIG & Panooc, avant-garden singer and dancer Mary Esther Carter, among others.

I have a BS in Music Technology from Northeastern University, and I hold a day job as a senior product manager for Wayfair.

Here’s my complete resume.

Anything stated on this site reflects the views of neither current nor former employers.